Miris Garden

A unique development project in the foothills of Paklenica National Park

Harmony between life and work

A fully serviced resort

A location with unique charm

Wonderful experiences to be had 365 days a year

Enter the Garden of Eden

Drift off to sleep... and let the mountain breezes of Bora carry you to sunny Dalmatia, surrounded by the scents of lavender, sage, olive trees and an array of flowers.

Welcome to Miris Garden, an exceptional development project that combines the colourful Croatian landscape with both the extraordinary local culture and the comforts of modern living.

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Live in harmony

Miris Garden is the perfect place to relax and take care of both your body and soul. In addition to a wealth of leisure activities, it also features areas where you may comfortably work. Soak up the energy of the inviting Croatian climate all year round. Sail on the turquoise sea, dine on local specialties, or attend to business matters.

With its comprehensive facilities, high standard of materials, and first-class services, Miris Garden will soon become your new favourite destination.

More about the project


Architectural experience can be life changing and it should bring happiness and delight.

Martin Dudaško, Architect

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